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50% off your first 2 walks and a welcome gift if you sign up between 5 June and 31 June 2023!! 


What we offer

Dog walks are 1 hour and 30 minutes of which 1 hour will be spent walking and 30 minutes for collecting and dropping them back home. To offer your dog the VIP treatment walks will be kept to smaller groups of 4.

In cases of wet and muddy weather I am more than happy to wash them off at my house as we have a warm water doggy basin and dry towels to dry them off before drop off, lets keep the VIP treatment coming!

If allowed your dog is more than welcome to be off lead as we will mainly be going to open fields and more quiet places but they are just as welcome to be kept on lead, I offer both a short standard lead and a long training/extendable lead to allow more distance whilst still being secure.

Water will be offered on their walk and before we set off home, each dog will be in a secure crate next to their pals while we drive to their walkies location, Fully air conditioned transport to ensure its kept to a comfortable temperature.

Treats will be used on walks as praise for good recall, walking well and obeying basic commands. If your dog has any allergies or preference's please advise me and I will alter accordingly.
I have 2-3 sessions per day (mon-fri) Morning, Mid morning and a afternoon. Sessions can be booked on repeat or as you go, Please contact me to book your walks in.

Why Choose Me

Stephanie Jacobs

I love animals and I have many years experience owning, training and walking them. I understand just how big a apart of our lives our furry friends are to us and the importance of their daily exercise and mental stimulation. You can trust me to provide a fun, healthy, safe and natural environment for your furry friends to relax and take in the fresh air and have a little run around on their walks.

I have always had a passion for dogs and I could think of nothing better than filling my days with paws. The more muddy I am the better, as this means they have had a good time.

I have also completed a dog behaviour course which has taught me a lot about a dogs charter, behavioural problems and how to try train this out using positive reinforcement, should your dog have any potential issues you’d like me to work on specifically, you will be kept up to date with their progress and given some tips to practise at home to keep the pattern of good behaviour in action for maximum results as well as a Pet first aid course,  I carry a first aid kit with me so it is near by at all times.

 Flexibility to have your dog join us for just 1 day a week or 5 days a week, flexibility to add your dog in on short notice if needed, Basic commands and recall practiced on walks with rewards of treats for good response to their basic training.

Your paws will be in good hands with me, let their tails come explore the trails awaiting them and make new friends along the way. I have a lot of space in my heart for dogs, I have a lot patients, I find joy in seeing dogs having fun and spending my time surrounded by dogs. . We are a very animal loving family especially dogs of course!

Walks are in open areas with a lot of free roaming, no street and pavement walks. Your dog will become apart of the family to me and will treated the same way I treat my own dogs and I will do my best to ensure their activity and energy levels are met with mentally stimulating walks.

The name “Charlie and Ruby’s friends”
comes from our two dogs who love their walkies, love to meet new doggies and people and if they had it their way we would have 10 dogs living at home.


We cant wait to meet you! 


Dog with Leash


Please send me an enquiry using the enquiry form located at the bottom of my website or alternatively please email me at

Once I receive your enquire, I will be in contact with you within 24 hours to have a chat and arrange a meet & greet with you and your dog at a location that best suits you example, your home, local park ect.

The meet and greet is a very important part not only do we get a chance to meet, your dogs get a chance to get familiar and comfortable with me before their walkies sessions start, these typical are about 20 minutes and in this time we can also discuss your dogs character, temperament, any allergies/intolerances to be aware of, any behavioural issues to be made aware of to ensure your dog can be placed in a session with the most suited group of dogs.

You will then be required to complete a few documents online with basic information regarding your pet and a consent form allowing me to walk your dog, once all the documents are submitted in, the walks can start.

Woodland Path

Contact me

Please contact me for any more information, questions, enquirers or meets & bookings, I look forward to hearing from you!

Basingstoke, UK

073 880 54380

Thanks for getting in touch!

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